Operation Apartment Hunt

It’s officially Memorial Day Weekend, but I think everyone forgot until literally the last second, because COVID-19 has been the only thing we’ve been thinking/talking about. I had the week off last week, so it was nice to log back on to find out that it would be another short week/long weekend. I had about 7 calls today, so I’m definitely happy that I can take a break from extending myself through video and virtual meetings for a couple of days. Nonetheless, I’m extremely grateful for all of the blessings I’ve received! Speaking of gratitude, I’m super excited that my girlfriend and I have been able to save and reach our goal for the new move.

On Sunday, I made it a point to focus on my work and personal goals for this week.

Operation Apartment Hunt: I don’t want to write much about it in depth, because I just don’t believe in speaking on things before they happen/while they’re in motion. However, what I can say is that some progress has been made! We have been searching for available apartments within our area. Of course there is a checklist in place: commute to the office (when we are able to go back, if we ever do), pet friendly (we don’t have one yet, but we will), washer/dryer, decent closet space (space in general – we need more), building cleanliness, neighborhood etc. so we’re factoring all of these things in.

We have a list of properties that we’ve been researching, so after making some calls, we are now starting to make this a REAL thing. We’re going to look at an available apartment this upcoming Tuesday. I hope we like it, I just really want to move forward with what is best for us, but I know the Universe has our back, so I’m going to trust the process and just remain optimistic. Since Sarina is off, we’ll actually be able to see the space together (which I’m very happy about, because our work schedules are different).

I’m going to try to take advantage of the time we will have on that day to squeeze in a couple of additional property tours, if possible. This would just be the perfect time to do it I think. I’m just really happy that things are starting to come together, and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to actually start looking! We’ve wanted to get here for quite some time, so this feels really good. We will see what happens, I have more calls to make, but I am going to continue pushing hard to achieve this goal, because it’s time to level up.

I’ve been living in my apartment for about 10 years now. I call it my “Carrie Bradshaw apartment”, because there are just so many memories here, and every time I’d think about leaving I’d get sentimental about it because of that.. but alas, the time has come and we are so ready. Sarina moved in with me over a year ago, and after time went by we’ve just decided that this would be the best thing for us, to upgrade our living situation. Keeping our fingers crossed, doing the work, and remaining grateful for EVERY BLESSING!

…Still doesn’t feel like Memorial Day is Monday. My birthday is next Friday (GEMINI SZN!), and Sarina asked me what I wanted. I said, “A NEW APARTMENT“, because that would literally be the best gift right now. Tomorrow I have the day off (Friday), so I think I’m going to go for a run and then go through a bag of clothes I want to donate. We are getting rid of A LOT of things when we move, we’re going for the minimalist approach, and I’m happy about that. I just feel like you live a happier life with less “stuff” surrounding you, so I’m ready to purge, start fresh, and elevate.

If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Stay Safe ❤

Love & Light*


PS. I have a pinterest board filled with apartment goals, if you’re reading this and happen to be hunting as well!

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