Vacation Is Officially Canceled

Inspo: @artbyalyah

I chose this picture for this post, because I feel like this is an EXACT depiction of me and my girlfriend in the summer time (just not this summer, unfortunately). It is Memorial Day Weekend, but it really does not feel like it at all, and for the first time in all of my May-s, it feels strange. This is probably really odd to me, because my birthday is this month, and always falls around MDW. I’m used to people throwing BBQs (or ‘cookouts’ whatever’s clever), making plans to fly out somewhere, or meeting up with friends over by the pool to have a chill kickback this weekend, but it is so QUIET lol. I almost feel like everyone is just browsing instagram right now, because it’s been raining all day since last night, and the weather is a bit gloomy.

My girlfriend and I booked a cruise to Bonaire, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, and a few other beautiful places, but of course due to COVID, it is now canceled. We were waiting on this official notice to come through from Royal Caribbean, because we wanted to know which options we had available to us. We have the option to “Lift & Shift” (Royal Caribbean will find a similar cruise and roll everything over to that reservation later on in the year up to 2022) – OR – a Future Cruise Credit (meaning we can just go ahead and take a 125% credit for a future cruise up to 2022 and can select the new destination). We haven’t decided which route we’re going to take yet, but I think we’re leaning more towards the future cruise credit.

Anyways, it’s raining, and I’m about to kick of this rainy MDW with my girlfriend. She’s about to get off of work, and we will have the weekend to decide how we will entertain ourselves for the next few days lol. I’m thinking we’ll relax tonight/tomorrow morning, do some more apartment hunt planning, and maybe cook something we like while binging something new on TV (there are SO many new titles on Netflix, I plan to write a post on title recommendations too for those who have run out of things to watch). Of course Self Care is on the menu for this weekend, as it should be.

If you’ve happened to pass by, thanks for coming through!

Love & Light*

Stay Dry, Stay Safe, & Enjoy the weekend 🙂


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