Life After The Coronavirus

We have to continue to live and go on with our lives as a collective, so states all over although some may argue it’s too soon, have been “opening back up” little by little. As establishments continue to enforce social distancing with protective screens at cashier locations, and monitor the amount of people they serve, we’re seeing more and more people outside — with masks and gloves of course. “Welcome to the New Normal ”, said 2020

This Memorial Day Weekend we don’t have any plans, but today (Sunday) we decided to take a drive through the neighborhoods we could potentially be living in. We went by the two buildings we’re interested in because we’re too eager lol, and stopped to get Rita’s because I need my mango/passion fruit water ice — so good! Today is such a nice day, so beautiful that we’ve been seeing quite a few cars on the road, people walking everywhere, and the smell of bbq’s is definitely filling the air… “Covid-Where?”, said America.

Inserting an image from Baller Alert. This is a hair salon in Missouri.. I —

(This happened, in Missouri)

I read that some companies/business are letting their employees go back to work at the start of June. I believe certain southern states, Florida and Atlanta for example, have reopened establishments fully and have lifted curfews and limits on occupancy. Other companies have already decided that they’re:

A) Asking their employees to wfh from now on and/or B) Asking employees to return at the start of June.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Either way, I’m sure everyone will take the proper precautions. I’m very glad that we are seeing a reduction in the rate of reported cases, and sadly the number of people we’ve lost. We all just need to pull together collectively to radiate the best energy that we can, and work with the universe to use our gifts in order to heal and change the world for the better.

I haven’t watched too much news these past 2 days.. #selfcare is my first priority🧘🏾‍♀️. I may take a quick look at a YouTube clip, but as soon as that’s over. I’m getting back to the good vibes of the present moment. If you’ve happened to pass by, thanks for coming through. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend ❤

Love & Light*


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