And I Oop! – Insecure Episode 7


Just finished watching Insecure, and I have some thoughts on episode 7. Besides the fact that we’re on the edge of our seats at the very end of each short episode, and by that time have to wait an entire week to see what unfolds, I would like to dissect each of the character’s that have been highlighted so far this season… Starting with Molly.

Molly… SIS.. I am so glad you called your therapist because honey you are about to explode on the next person that triggers your anxiety/frustrations. I also think it’s so great, that the topic of therapy is one that we’re talking about more within our culture, it’s so important that we are becoming more comfortable speaking about it. It’s quite apparent that Molly is dealing with a LOT of internal issues, and she really needs to do some inner work to move through that in a healthy way. She has lashed out at Issa, her assistant (which was also very uncalled for and fueled by underlying issues), and after an altercation with the pool staff while on vacation, that quickly bubbled up into a big argument that touched on race with her new boo Andrew’s brother. They were pretty awkward after that whole thing went down, and rightfully so, because I’m sure that was a lot to process on both parts.

One thing I can say is that Andrew seems to be a good guy from what I can see. He was willing to do what he had to do to make sure Molly was comfortable, and handled the situation well, but she now has to handle her issues before they spill over into their relationship because I can see that happening with all of these triggering moments we’ve witnessed lately. We learn from Andrew, that the reason Nathan ghosted Issa was because he was dealing with mental health issues. Molly seemed to be curious about this when Andrew told her, but after she found out that Issa had been hanging out with Nathan again she started to judge her, even all the way from Mexico — in typical Molly fashion.

We also see a clip from the last episode that lets us know that Molly actually SAW Issa before Issa realized that Molly was in the same restaurant she placed an order from, and therefore knew that she made the decision to leave. I think the most annoying part about this is that, she pretended to be on her phone, so that Issa could walk in there to initiate reconciliation with HER (not cool in my opinion). I think she misses her best friend, but of course she is being STUBBORN. Fast forward and Molly bumps into Lawrence at the airport on their return flight from their baecation…

Lawrence, was on the phone with Issa at the very end of the episode before it ended and seemed to be setting up some time to meet with her. At least one would speculate this from the last clip and sneak peek that HBO shared for next week’s 8th episode. Of course I watched that, and saw that Lawrence actually does connect with her, they meet up for a drink and Issa says “so what did you have to tell me?” He’s been needing to ‘tell’ Issa something for a little while now, and one can only imagine what he wants to share after he and and his ex Condolences broke up..

Condola… She was obviously livid after the breakup with Lawrence. We still don’t know why or how they broke up, but we do know that she ghosted Issa when she was in need of her assistance (and professional partnership) before the block party was finalized. She then had the AUDACITY to just pop up at the event like oh hey, just thought I’d stop by, though I didn’t want to at one point and that’s why I was avoiding you (she didn’t really say that but she might as well have). She proceeds to let Issa know that her and Lawrence broke up, as if she had some insight into this, and is cryptic with her responses due to being in her feelings of course… a ton of unspoken animosity unbeknownst to Issa. Meanwhile back at the ranch..

Issa… GIRL, just move forward! That is all I have to say at this moment. We know that she is reconnecting with Nathan, and they seem to be hanging out more often, so the spark hasn’t left (and maybe, just mayyyybe we’ll find out the real reason he just took off on Issa like that and came back). As they try to rekindle, it seems, Lawrence is trying to get that ol’ thing back so this is just going to be super confusing for Issa I would think. There have been some moments within this season that seem to indicate hints that they both might still be in the ‘What If?’ place. That ‘I Need Closure’ space… that’s never a good area to be in my opinion. There’s just SO much confusion there…

My good friend and I watch the show together every Sunday via facetime, and we were talking about reconnecting with people we’ve dated in the past. From her perspective, she thinks that there can be moments (unique to the experience) where two people can part ways and reconnect from a place of growth and make it work. I also agree! My Perspective: (Two-fold) On one hand, I think it’s not the best idea to get back with exes, when they’ve shown you that they cannot meet your needs when it comes to what you must have within a partner in order to have a healthy relationship. However, on the other hand I think that if two people have had enough time apart (this is really important), and the basis of their original reason for breaking up was one that you wouldn’t attribute to their position in the relationship, and both people have shown tremendous GROWTH — it could work.

Sometimes we are at different places in our lives mentally (and sometimes spiritually), that do not allow for a relationship to work out the way we would have hoped. In my opinion it’s obviously best to part ways when that happens, it saves time and energy, but there has to be a significant amount of time apart for each individual to learn and grow from their life lessons and experiences, to leave and come back as different people. A certain level of maturity, and reflection HAVE to be present in order to revisit a past relationship to try to make it work. In Issa and Lawrence’s case, they haven’t really been apart long enough to change as people. To go back to what they had right now, they would only be opening a book from a page in chapter that they’ve already read, and who wants that?

Anyways, I love the show and I like the fact that Issa Rae is doing an incredible job of bringing everyday REAL LIFE issues that we face to the forefront. Shedding light on love, friendship, therapy, self reflection, and finding yourself, professionally. It’s creating a healthy dialogue and she’s doing so much for the culture! Love everything about it, she’s so talented and using her platform so well!

Do I think that Issa should hear Lawrence out? I guess (HEAVY on the ‘Guess’). Why not as long as she doesn’t allow herself to fall backwards. I do not think that they should get back together, they would potentially head right back to where they left off. Should Issa try this thing out with Nathan? I need to see the carfax on these issues Andrew spoke of to understand why he really ghosted her and came back, because that was not okay.

Molly? I’m hoping she can look inward and find balance and peace within herself so that she can sort her own problems out in order do what’s right and reach out to her best friend, because they need to talk! Issa also needs to go with her gut, and make the best decisions for her going forward, so I guess we’ll have to see what happens next Sunday. I will be here, waiting to hear what Lawrence has to say. Don’t even get me started on Tiffany and this postpartum concern that they’ve just lightly touched on (they need to check on her too!). Love Amanda Seales by the way ‚̧

If you watch Insecure and have happened to find this post, thanks for stopping by! I’ll likely do a recap of the season once it’s over, because I foresee another cliffhanger coming up, and I want to write about it…


Love & Light*


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