Mexico 2021 For My 33rd Birthday


I had thee best birthday dinner at Stoned Pizza in NYC. It was needless to say: Lit. Bae was there, my bestie and prima from another Mima was there. We ate good, had some spiked drinks, and laughed the night away! It was everything I wanted and more.

Shortly after enjoying a night on the town elevating with my loved ones, my girlfriend and I went to Mexico. We flew in a couple of days before my actual birthday. We stayed at a cute trendy Air BNB that was very cozy. The host went ABOVE and beyond for us (I accidentally left my luggage at the airport, he saved the day). The location was actually within a hotel, right on the beach near a local dock.

We had a private beach day and saw a beautiful sunset while standing in a lagoon. It was magical, and our hosts were so nice, we became friends with them.

We spent time near Costa Maya, and took a ferry ride for a day trip spent at Isla Mujeres, it was BEAUTIFUL. There are so many chill cutesy beach clubs in the area (and lots of shopping, if you’re into that). Sarina took me on a lovely ocean side dinner date near our hotel. It was so special, I loved it so much. Of course I was fascinated by the plant life and all of the beautiful flowers that surrounded me.

I could go on and on about how amazing that trip was, but that wouldn’t do the visual any justice. Have a looksy* if it interests you, I’ve embedded a memory below. Belize next!

Thanks for coming through!

Love & Light*

Tati ❤

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