Panama City Travel Faves!

I went to Panama and had an amazing time!

It was everything and more! My best friends and I decided to go on a whim one day as we were chatting over FaceTime. Next thing you know, we’re booking flights, and building an itinerary to enjoy one of thee most beautiful cities in Panama!

My best friends and I were celebrating my best friend Ciara’s birthday, and it was absolutely magical! I’m so glad we got to create these memories together, because they will forever remain in my heart <3. We stayed in Casco Viejo for 5 days at a beautiful Air BnB in the town which had a beautiful pool and roof top filled with plants (so you know I was in heaven).

We also explored the town and ate at a ton of restaurants, some of our faves were:

  • Primitivo (Romantic Dinner)
  • Dodo (Brunch/Breakfast)
  • Mahalo Tiki Bar (Drinks/Lunch)

We really LOVEd the town we were staying in because although Panama City is known for it’s beautiful tall buildings and creative structures, Casco Viejo maintains that authentic and historic vibe. Every moment you spend walking the streets of this town is magical. The churches and surrounding buildings that have been there, are maintained and make you feel like you’ve just stepped onto the set of a movie. We made friends with not only out-of-town travelers, but also the locals! Everyone is so welcoming, and we felt very comfortable.

We also ventured out of the town and took about a 30 minute ride to Panama Viejo which is located right in the middle of Panama City. We visited the Panama Viejo museum and ruins site location which has been preserved for centuries! This place was magical, we were able to tour the ruins on our own, and walk through the old structures, and once we walked into the museum, we learned so much about the indigenous people of Panama and what they went through with the Spaniards, the English, and pirates that followed to obtain the land. We also got to view ancient artifacts, and learned a LOT of history about the cultural evolution of the indigenous people of Panama — mind blowing!

We also took a catamaran tour, on a huge boat, with just a handful of us, so that was an amazing experience! We got to swim near a beautiful secluded area, and we also open the day on Taboga beach, and walked through the main town road (so cute!). My best friend also got a massage on the beach, and I took an accidental nap and woke up like “Oh sh*t I’m in Panama on a beach, I should probably wake up!” Did I mention the drinks were bottomless, AND our guides fed us an amazing lunch with baked chicken, rice, platano, and coleslaw!

We also went on a bar crawl (can’t remember the name if it, but if you search Casco Viejo/Panama City bar crawl it should come up for you and should be around $26). We had an amazing time, and made new friends! All of the restaurants and bars in this town are so artistic and fun, the details are everything. Some are more chill if you’re looking for that vibe. There are a ton of rooftops, and there are a lot of clubs to choose from, if you’re in to that!

Overall, the trip was amazing and I would definitely go back to Panama City, specifically Casco Viejo! If you’re thinking about traveling there and you want to venture out to do some shopping, the Town Center mall in Costa del Este is the place to be. Just make sure you stop to grab lunch/dinner from Salvaje (beautiful restaurant in the area).

There is so much to talk about when it comes to this amazing trip, but I put a tiktok video together to summarize a list of my favorite places to visit when in Panama! Check it out if it interests you!

Panama Travel Faves!

I have a few more trips coming up this year that I’m excited about! So more to come on those travel reviews ❤

If you’ve made it down this far, thanking you for coming through and checking out my Panama City travel review!

Feel free message me to let me know if you have any questions!

Love & *Light ❤


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