Puerto Rico For The Win! 🇵🇷

Hey Friends!

Sarina and I went to Puerto Rico for a small baecay/family vacay, and we had a BLAST!

We hung out at the bars in the area, ate some delicious food (of course), went to the beach, drove through the jungle, and saw some really beautiful sights during our trip! If you’re thinking of traveling to Puerto Rico, please make sure you check out ways in which you can donate to the country in order to help with Hurricane Fiona Relief efforts.

Here’s a link to a document I created which includes resources and ways to contribute to the relief efforts that are currently taking place: Hurricane Fiona Relief

Posting a link to one of the YouTube videos we put up on our channel. It includes all of the details and full review of our trip, in case you’re thinking of traveling there (along with a tiktok video at the very end)

Puerto Rico 2022

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for coming through to the blog.

Love & Light ❤️

Always, Tati

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