Activating Our Powers

I honestly think that even though we joked (‘we’, meaning the culture), about activating our powers on December 21, 2020, this is something that stuck with me — because we probably did.

Just before the end of the year, folks took to social media to chat about this magical, mystical, celestial topic that may have baffled some folks if they don’t have access to ‘black Twitter’…

Just saying… Black Twitter is a special place and I hold it close to my heart (I’m never leaving lol).

Some of the tweets that stood out to me on Twitter regarding this topic:

Cant forget the visual representation of this conversation, in response to the last tweet (which cracked me UP!):

To be very honest with you, I wasn’t really informed about this topic… So, I decided to do a little research to identify what was so special about this date: 12/21/20.

According to the Almanac:

On the very day of the solstice, December 212020, Jupiter will come as close to Saturn as Jove’s own moons! When Jupiter and Saturn—the two biggest planets in our solar system—meet, it’s termed the “Great Conjunction.” What’s even more special is that it’s happening on night of the winter solstice.

…a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is rare and only happens once every 20 years. And December 21, 2020, brings the closest great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 397 years. From our point of view, the two giant worlds will appear only 0.1 degrees apart.

The Almanac

This 1-night affair was so special, that it was predicted, we would somehow tap into our powers and flourish at an incredibly unstoppable rate.. Did somebody say

Okay so, here’s where I landed after laughing at tweets and researching the Great Conjunction… I feel this is true! For some reason that I can’t really put into words (so I’ll try my best to explain it), I feel that their is something magical happening while all of these rare cosmic changes in the Universe are taking place. This brings me to this year’s mindset, which I wrote about in my previous post.

2021 — The Year of Opportunity

I see so many people I know, who are tapping into their creative and intellectual gifts and capabilities. Whether it’s a friend from college who just started a business… Or the childhood friend who is diving into her artistic passions, and flourishing with her super impressive content. I’m inspired by the commitment and dedication that I’m seeing this year, from everyone. These projects are incredible, and the Black Excellence — *I love to see it!

I say all of this, to say that I’m so here for all this greatness! I personally think that we will change the way “work” has been viewed from this point on. So many of us are really sticking to our passions, stepping out of their comfort zones, and creating a life of meaning and purpose, just by devoting time to what truly moves them — and that is so beautiful to witness!

One thing I can say is that when it comes to 2021, I am accepting all opportunities that I would’ve previously put on hold due to my own limiting beliefs. For some reason, I don’t know if it had anything to do with me settling into my 30s and getting clear about what I want, or just because I’m looking forward to a better year coming out of 2020, but I am so ready to live to my full potential, and CREATE – CREATE – CREATE!

And these blessings?

Let’s use this year to truly let go of our limiting beliefs, go after our dreams, and do what we love, because we’re on the pathway to success! Who knows where diving into our passions will take us?! It’s only up from here. I’ve activated my power of Navigation & Creation.

What power have you unlocked?

They say the YOUniverse is made of Melanin so…I’ll leave that here to close this off*

If you’ve made it down this far in the post, thanks for coming through! Feel free to share any thoughts you have around this topic, and get ready to flourish because, the time is now!

Love & Light*

-Tati ❤

Black Thoughts

Black Thoughts are:

Thinking the reason you were approached by men in blue, is because you are brown.

Feeling your heart plummet into your left vapor max sneaker while driving, because you saw the boys pull out behind you on Rte. 80 — God Speed

Black Thoughts are:

Dealing with collective trauma that’s rooted in racial inequality..

Entirely — The reason we still carry the weight of this country’s BS on our backs and Possibly..

The purposeful negative impact placed on black people, hidden through countless, various ways..

Seeing the videos, reading the posts.. We are exhausted by these images, and there is nothing left to say. There is literally a new hashtag created for our brothers and sisters, every single day..

Over the years, my people have been distracted, but now we’re awake..

The miseducation & depicted perception, will not be our downfall — This systemic narrative has been out of DATE.

PSA: We’re coming together in EVERY state, and our hearts are united by love & faith.

…Intergenerational trauma is real. While living through a pandemic, we’ve been expected to get on with life and Just Deal…

I hope you are doing the necessary work to feel the feelings in each moment, take action, and actually HEAL in the process — God Bless

Deep within our thoughts, we must find the things that make us happy and bring us joy..

Black Joy is:

Taking care of yourself and taking the time that you need for you to feel your best

Spending time doing what you love, being around who you love, and saying F’ the rest!

Letting go, and laughing every moment you can

Hugging your family closer, and spending time to catch-up with your friends

Striving for greatness and thriving. Supporting and caring for our children, women, and men

Black Joy is:

That warm hug you can only get from your grandmother

That feeling of butterflies 🦋 amplifying the vibe, when you connect with your lover

A Mother — her power is out of this world. Her temple, giving the gift of a child, with every newborn baby boy and girl

Black Joy is:

The refreshing level of authenticity in every new, enriching connection made

The calm floating in a breeze, followed by the coolness under a willow tree’s shade

A Father — Sharing his knowledge and valuable wisdom. Followed by the genuine laughter his family brings him, as they sit down and rejoice in their blackity black-black kingdom 👑

Black Thoughts are heavy, but we must not suppress them. Instead, let any bouts of frustration, depression, and aggression be a lesson. Stay focused. We are all fighting the long fight for racial equality and True Progression

Let us transcend this energy, come together for greater change, and do things our ancestors would be proud of.

In any moment we can grasp, make sure that you drop your shoulders, unclench your jaw, relax your forehead muscles and *Find Love.

I haven’t written poetry in a while, so if you’ve happened to make it down this far, thanks for coming through!

I enjoy writing about things that are meaningful to me, and in this moment (with so much on my mind), I’ve just found solace in all of the little things that bring me joy during these heavy and uncertain times.

Love & Light*

❤ Tati

Growing Up Afro-Latina

Hey girl, hey!

Hoping you’ve had a great day, week, and most importantly through these crazy times — I hope you’re keeping a level head, and doing the things that make YOU feel good, that ultimately keep you balanced.

We’ve seen a lot these past few months! I’ve written about the current state of society, covering topics like racial inequality, and I’ve also touched on topics that have hit a little closer to home regarding injustice. Today, I wanted to take some time to highlight something that is very personal and important to me: Growing Up Afro-Latina. I’m so very grateful to have a mother that is Dominican and to have a father that is African-American. Over the last 32 years, I’ve experienced both cultures on both sides of my immediate family. My girlfriend Sarina also has a similar, yet different experience growing up Afro-Latina, being Native American Black and Puerto Rican.

You’re probably like, “Native-What?” lol It will make more sense, when you watch this video:

One weekend when my girlfriend and I went on a quick getaway to a cute little town in PA, we found ourselves having a conversation at the Air BnB that we stayed in and it was so eye opening. Although Sarina and I can relate to a lot regarding ethnic stereotypical situations we’ve been in, and perspectives directly tied to our upbringing growing up in the community we’re from — This conversation revealed a lot of differences as well. In this video, we talk about cultural misconceptions, the sensitive topic of colorism, Afro-Latina Representation, and positive change that we’ve seen within our community. “Mixed Girls” face a lot of challenges growing up, and don’t always realize how it impacts their self identity until they actually OWN who they are as adults, and can speak to their own individual experiences.

I really enjoyed having this conversation with my girlfriend. I hope to write about, and have more discussions around topics like this, that are important to me.

If you’ve happened to stop by, thanks for coming through!

Feel free to comment, and share perspective if you can relate to some of the things we talk about in this video.

Love & *Light

-Tati ❤