And I Oop! – Insecure Episode 7


Just finished watching Insecure, and I have some thoughts on episode 7. Besides the fact that we’re on the edge of our seats at the very end of each short episode, and by that time have to wait an entire week to see what unfolds, I would like to dissect each of the character’s that have been highlighted so far this season… Starting with Molly.

Molly… SIS.. I am so glad you called your therapist because honey you are about to explode on the next person that triggers your anxiety/frustrations. I also think it’s so great, that the topic of therapy is one that we’re talking about more within our culture, it’s so important that we are becoming more comfortable speaking about it. It’s quite apparent that Molly is dealing with a LOT of internal issues, and she really needs to do some inner work to move through that in a healthy way. She has lashed out at Issa, her assistant (which was also very uncalled for and fueled by underlying issues), and after an altercation with the pool staff while on vacation, that quickly bubbled up into a big argument that touched on race with her new boo Andrew’s brother. They were pretty awkward after that whole thing went down, and rightfully so, because I’m sure that was a lot to process on both parts.

One thing I can say is that Andrew seems to be a good guy from what I can see. He was willing to do what he had to do to make sure Molly was comfortable, and handled the situation well, but she now has to handle her issues before they spill over into their relationship because I can see that happening with all of these triggering moments we’ve witnessed lately. We learn from Andrew, that the reason Nathan ghosted Issa was because he was dealing with mental health issues. Molly seemed to be curious about this when Andrew told her, but after she found out that Issa had been hanging out with Nathan again she started to judge her, even all the way from Mexico — in typical Molly fashion.

We also see a clip from the last episode that lets us know that Molly actually SAW Issa before Issa realized that Molly was in the same restaurant she placed an order from, and therefore knew that she made the decision to leave. I think the most annoying part about this is that, she pretended to be on her phone, so that Issa could walk in there to initiate reconciliation with HER (not cool in my opinion). I think she misses her best friend, but of course she is being STUBBORN. Fast forward and Molly bumps into Lawrence at the airport on their return flight from their baecation…

Lawrence, was on the phone with Issa at the very end of the episode before it ended and seemed to be setting up some time to meet with her. At least one would speculate this from the last clip and sneak peek that HBO shared for next week’s 8th episode. Of course I watched that, and saw that Lawrence actually does connect with her, they meet up for a drink and Issa says “so what did you have to tell me?” He’s been needing to ‘tell’ Issa something for a little while now, and one can only imagine what he wants to share after he and and his ex Condolences broke up..

Condola… She was obviously livid after the breakup with Lawrence. We still don’t know why or how they broke up, but we do know that she ghosted Issa when she was in need of her assistance (and professional partnership) before the block party was finalized. She then had the AUDACITY to just pop up at the event like oh hey, just thought I’d stop by, though I didn’t want to at one point and that’s why I was avoiding you (she didn’t really say that but she might as well have). She proceeds to let Issa know that her and Lawrence broke up, as if she had some insight into this, and is cryptic with her responses due to being in her feelings of course… a ton of unspoken animosity unbeknownst to Issa. Meanwhile back at the ranch..

Issa… GIRL, just move forward! That is all I have to say at this moment. We know that she is reconnecting with Nathan, and they seem to be hanging out more often, so the spark hasn’t left (and maybe, just mayyyybe we’ll find out the real reason he just took off on Issa like that and came back). As they try to rekindle, it seems, Lawrence is trying to get that ol’ thing back so this is just going to be super confusing for Issa I would think. There have been some moments within this season that seem to indicate hints that they both might still be in the ‘What If?’ place. That ‘I Need Closure’ space… that’s never a good area to be in my opinion. There’s just SO much confusion there…

My good friend and I watch the show together every Sunday via facetime, and we were talking about reconnecting with people we’ve dated in the past. From her perspective, she thinks that there can be moments (unique to the experience) where two people can part ways and reconnect from a place of growth and make it work. I also agree! My Perspective: (Two-fold) On one hand, I think it’s not the best idea to get back with exes, when they’ve shown you that they cannot meet your needs when it comes to what you must have within a partner in order to have a healthy relationship. However, on the other hand I think that if two people have had enough time apart (this is really important), and the basis of their original reason for breaking up was one that you wouldn’t attribute to their position in the relationship, and both people have shown tremendous GROWTH — it could work.

Sometimes we are at different places in our lives mentally (and sometimes spiritually), that do not allow for a relationship to work out the way we would have hoped. In my opinion it’s obviously best to part ways when that happens, it saves time and energy, but there has to be a significant amount of time apart for each individual to learn and grow from their life lessons and experiences, to leave and come back as different people. A certain level of maturity, and reflection HAVE to be present in order to revisit a past relationship to try to make it work. In Issa and Lawrence’s case, they haven’t really been apart long enough to change as people. To go back to what they had right now, they would only be opening a book from a page in chapter that they’ve already read, and who wants that?

Anyways, I love the show and I like the fact that Issa Rae is doing an incredible job of bringing everyday REAL LIFE issues that we face to the forefront. Shedding light on love, friendship, therapy, self reflection, and finding yourself, professionally. It’s creating a healthy dialogue and she’s doing so much for the culture! Love everything about it, she’s so talented and using her platform so well!

Do I think that Issa should hear Lawrence out? I guess (HEAVY on the ‘Guess’). Why not as long as she doesn’t allow herself to fall backwards. I do not think that they should get back together, they would potentially head right back to where they left off. Should Issa try this thing out with Nathan? I need to see the carfax on these issues Andrew spoke of to understand why he really ghosted her and came back, because that was not okay.

Molly? I’m hoping she can look inward and find balance and peace within herself so that she can sort her own problems out in order do what’s right and reach out to her best friend, because they need to talk! Issa also needs to go with her gut, and make the best decisions for her going forward, so I guess we’ll have to see what happens next Sunday. I will be here, waiting to hear what Lawrence has to say. Don’t even get me started on Tiffany and this postpartum concern that they’ve just lightly touched on (they need to check on her too!). Love Amanda Seales by the way ❤

If you watch Insecure and have happened to find this post, thanks for stopping by! I’ll likely do a recap of the season once it’s over, because I foresee another cliffhanger coming up, and I want to write about it…


Love & Light*


Life After The Coronavirus

We have to continue to live and go on with our lives as a collective, so states all over although some may argue it’s too soon, have been “opening back up” little by little. As establishments continue to enforce social distancing with protective screens at cashier locations, and monitor the amount of people they serve, we’re seeing more and more people outside — with masks and gloves of course. “Welcome to the New Normal ”, said 2020

This Memorial Day Weekend we don’t have any plans, but today (Sunday) we decided to take a drive through the neighborhoods we could potentially be living in. We went by the two buildings we’re interested in because we’re too eager lol, and stopped to get Rita’s because I need my mango/passion fruit water ice — so good! Today is such a nice day, so beautiful that we’ve been seeing quite a few cars on the road, people walking everywhere, and the smell of bbq’s is definitely filling the air… “Covid-Where?”, said America.

Inserting an image from Baller Alert. This is a hair salon in Missouri.. I —

(This happened, in Missouri)

I read that some companies/business are letting their employees go back to work at the start of June. I believe certain southern states, Florida and Atlanta for example, have reopened establishments fully and have lifted curfews and limits on occupancy. Other companies have already decided that they’re:

A) Asking their employees to wfh from now on and/or B) Asking employees to return at the start of June.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out. Either way, I’m sure everyone will take the proper precautions. I’m very glad that we are seeing a reduction in the rate of reported cases, and sadly the number of people we’ve lost. We all just need to pull together collectively to radiate the best energy that we can, and work with the universe to use our gifts in order to heal and change the world for the better.

I haven’t watched too much news these past 2 days.. #selfcare is my first priority🧘🏾‍♀️. I may take a quick look at a YouTube clip, but as soon as that’s over. I’m getting back to the good vibes of the present moment. If you’ve happened to pass by, thanks for coming through. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend ❤

Love & Light*


Vacation Is Officially Canceled

Inspo: @artbyalyah

I chose this picture for this post, because I feel like this is an EXACT depiction of me and my girlfriend in the summer time (just not this summer, unfortunately). It is Memorial Day Weekend, but it really does not feel like it at all, and for the first time in all of my May-s, it feels strange. This is probably really odd to me, because my birthday is this month, and always falls around MDW. I’m used to people throwing BBQs (or ‘cookouts’ whatever’s clever), making plans to fly out somewhere, or meeting up with friends over by the pool to have a chill kickback this weekend, but it is so QUIET lol. I almost feel like everyone is just browsing instagram right now, because it’s been raining all day since last night, and the weather is a bit gloomy.

My girlfriend and I booked a cruise to Bonaire, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, and a few other beautiful places, but of course due to COVID, it is now canceled. We were waiting on this official notice to come through from Royal Caribbean, because we wanted to know which options we had available to us. We have the option to “Lift & Shift” (Royal Caribbean will find a similar cruise and roll everything over to that reservation later on in the year up to 2022) – OR – a Future Cruise Credit (meaning we can just go ahead and take a 125% credit for a future cruise up to 2022 and can select the new destination). We haven’t decided which route we’re going to take yet, but I think we’re leaning more towards the future cruise credit.

Anyways, it’s raining, and I’m about to kick of this rainy MDW with my girlfriend. She’s about to get off of work, and we will have the weekend to decide how we will entertain ourselves for the next few days lol. I’m thinking we’ll relax tonight/tomorrow morning, do some more apartment hunt planning, and maybe cook something we like while binging something new on TV (there are SO many new titles on Netflix, I plan to write a post on title recommendations too for those who have run out of things to watch). Of course Self Care is on the menu for this weekend, as it should be.

If you’ve happened to pass by, thanks for coming through!

Love & Light*

Stay Dry, Stay Safe, & Enjoy the weekend 🙂


New Moon in Gemini

“Sometimes, I like to indulge in wine. Come and dine with me. Live by my dreams” – IAMDDB — I’m currently listening to this song, VIBE, on my bed while I write this . Video below if you’re interested in finding new music, very chill vibes. Love it ❤ Her new album drops on June 5th, she’s an indie artist from the UK that I’ve been following for a while. She’s previewed some songs from the new project, and I’m excited. I never listen to the radio, I ‘soundcloud dig‘, some people call me a music snob but I like GOOD MUSIC that’s all lol.

Happy New Moon in Gemini!

Tonight is the new Moon, and I am so happy and grateful to experience the power that it will bring to me and US as a collective in this world. Now, more than ever I feel really clear about what I want, and feel at peace and balanced. I am so ready to continue to elevate from all aspects of life. I know that with all of the good energy I surround myself with, while remaining in gratitude for all that I have and all that I am, this experience will be more amazing than I can even imagine. I am setting INTENTIONS people, and I am here, presently present.

Tonight I will meditate and include affirmations within my New Moon ritual. Mother moon brings so much power to us, and I am going to basque in her glow this evening. I hope everyone is collectively feeling the shift, and applying all of the necessary focus and energy in the right directions for them. I will be doing all that I can to get where I want to be, and it will come to me as I live righteously.

If you’ve happened to stop by, thanks for coming through! I hope you have a good Memorial Day Weekend. Be Safe, be well.

“Take it how you like, but I feel, so damn good” – IAMDDB

Love & Light*

PS. Before I go, I want to share a post I liked on instagram from @Astrowicks. Found this to be relevant (and if you’re a Gemini, this will be even more relevant for you). This post includes some feedback for all of the signs during this New Moon Phase.

Operation Apartment Hunt

It’s officially Memorial Day Weekend, but I think everyone forgot until literally the last second, because COVID-19 has been the only thing we’ve been thinking/talking about. I had the week off last week, so it was nice to log back on to find out that it would be another short week/long weekend. I had about 7 calls today, so I’m definitely happy that I can take a break from extending myself through video and virtual meetings for a couple of days. Nonetheless, I’m extremely grateful for all of the blessings I’ve received! Speaking of gratitude, I’m super excited that my girlfriend and I have been able to save and reach our goal for the new move.

On Sunday, I made it a point to focus on my work and personal goals for this week.

Operation Apartment Hunt: I don’t want to write much about it in depth, because I just don’t believe in speaking on things before they happen/while they’re in motion. However, what I can say is that some progress has been made! We have been searching for available apartments within our area. Of course there is a checklist in place: commute to the office (when we are able to go back, if we ever do), pet friendly (we don’t have one yet, but we will), washer/dryer, decent closet space (space in general – we need more), building cleanliness, neighborhood etc. so we’re factoring all of these things in.

We have a list of properties that we’ve been researching, so after making some calls, we are now starting to make this a REAL thing. We’re going to look at an available apartment this upcoming Tuesday. I hope we like it, I just really want to move forward with what is best for us, but I know the Universe has our back, so I’m going to trust the process and just remain optimistic. Since Sarina is off, we’ll actually be able to see the space together (which I’m very happy about, because our work schedules are different).

I’m going to try to take advantage of the time we will have on that day to squeeze in a couple of additional property tours, if possible. This would just be the perfect time to do it I think. I’m just really happy that things are starting to come together, and I am so grateful that we have the opportunity to actually start looking! We’ve wanted to get here for quite some time, so this feels really good. We will see what happens, I have more calls to make, but I am going to continue pushing hard to achieve this goal, because it’s time to level up.

I’ve been living in my apartment for about 10 years now. I call it my “Carrie Bradshaw apartment”, because there are just so many memories here, and every time I’d think about leaving I’d get sentimental about it because of that.. but alas, the time has come and we are so ready. Sarina moved in with me over a year ago, and after time went by we’ve just decided that this would be the best thing for us, to upgrade our living situation. Keeping our fingers crossed, doing the work, and remaining grateful for EVERY BLESSING!

…Still doesn’t feel like Memorial Day is Monday. My birthday is next Friday (GEMINI SZN!), and Sarina asked me what I wanted. I said, “A NEW APARTMENT“, because that would literally be the best gift right now. Tomorrow I have the day off (Friday), so I think I’m going to go for a run and then go through a bag of clothes I want to donate. We are getting rid of A LOT of things when we move, we’re going for the minimalist approach, and I’m happy about that. I just feel like you live a happier life with less “stuff” surrounding you, so I’m ready to purge, start fresh, and elevate.

If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!

Stay Safe ❤

Love & Light*


PS. I have a pinterest board filled with apartment goals, if you’re reading this and happen to be hunting as well!

Fairy Houses Exist!

They really do, I saw them with my own eyes, and I have pictures to prove it. This Sunday has been nothing short of amazing. It started off with me craving a refresher from Starbucks, so we stopped by there and picked up some breakfast. I had originally wanted to just have a seat in the park and soak up some sun on the grass. Something light, chill and then head back home to continue ‘sunday-ing’. Instead, we actually wound up meeting up with my girlfriend’s friend, nearby at the park (South Mountain reservation located near Millburn, NJ) and we decided to go down the fairy trail.

We entered in through the parking lot and it was a bit full (it low key looked like there was a festival going on somewhere), but we were able to find a space pretty quickly. There are many trails and entrances to the park, so people were able to keep a safe distance (mostly everyone was wearing a mask and those who didn’t wear one, would carefully move away to practice social distancing). The mountain we were hiking on was pretty big, and steep.. As I mentioned I was NOT prepared for a full hiking experience, although I love to hike with my girlfriend! In this instance I had to just do what I had to do, because we were already in route, and it was what it was.

We wandered through trails, and it was just the most beautiful and tranquil experience. Perfect for a Sunday morning/afternoon, the weather was also pleasant, so I felt it would be great to share what I got to experience today, for all of the nature lovers out there. ..and the FAIRY HOUSES! (Pictures Below)

Normally, people will work on the little homes themselves, and will usually drop off the finished creation over in the woods within little nooks on the trail that are suitable for the houses. Some folks also use what is available in the woods (twigs, stones, etc.) to develop more of a natural looking habitat for the tinkerbells in the area. My girlfriend and her friend built one, they did a great job on it too. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t climb up that steep hill to build it girl… I would’ve slid down with the sneakers I wore, and that would’ve been tragic.

Any ways, I had a very relaxing day, a relaxing week off, and a beautiful weekend. I’m feeling balanced, and ready to head into the new week with massive amounts of determination and positive energy. I’m going to remind myself of all of the beautiful things that nature and stillness has taught me, during this moment I’ve had over the last week, *to recenter when needed. Clean slate and ready for the work week.

Sunday Reflection: I am grateful for a new day, a new opportunity to experience life… My good health, my parents, their good health (as well as my entire family). My partner, and her good health (as well as her family). I am thankful for the genuine connections I have with great friends, and the ability to still communicate with them during this nutty time in the world. I am so thankful for my job, and the ability to continue to work, and enjoy what I do (I am SO very grateful for that). All of the good things, all of the blessings, I am grateful for it ALL.

Next Week’s Goal: Operation Apartment Hunt

Cheers to a good week!

Love & Light*


Finally! She’s Writing Again!

Wow – It’s been SO long since I’ve written ANYthing, and I’m so happy that I decided to get my thoughts out again! Writing is one of my favorite things to do, but with all of the day-to-day distractions that come with adulting, it’s been pretty hard to get back into the groove.

I’m the kind of person who loves to create, whether it be acrylic painting on canvas, or vlogging (a new hobby that my girlfriend and I decided to try lol), but ultimately what drives my motivation to create anything is: Passion. Without it, I can’t pick up a pen to write anything that I would feel good about. Now the time has come for me to write with Miss Corona/COVID-19 wreaking havoc on society and forcing everyone to spend more time inside, focus on family, self love/care, and what truly matters to them! At least a couple of good things came out of this pandemic.

Anyways, I’m really excited to begin using this blog as an outlet for me to speak freely on things like: Life – Love – Work and other interests of mine.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love & Light*