Getaway Experience #2 West Catskills, NY

We did it again! This time in West Catskills, New York. If you’re new to my blog, welcome friend (sending big virtual hugs to anyone who has stumbled across my thoughts and stayed this past year πŸ™‚ – THANK YOU!). Last December, Sarina and I took a trip to upstate New York, and we stayed in a tiny cabin, hosted by Getaway. We had such an incredibly relaxing trip, that I blogged (and we vlogged) about it.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to write a blog post for the Getaway site, and in exchange, the wonderful team gave us a free stay at any location of our choice – Thanks Getaway! It is now May 2021 (the best month of the year), and ‘outside’ is slowly starting to open back up, so we decided to stay close and check out the West location. We did notice some differences, between the two campgrounds, and we talk about our experience there, in the YouTube video below.

We have 2 big trips coming up this year, and now that I am 50% vaccinated (hehe), I can’t wait to go on an actual vacation (safely of course)! Are you going on any trips this year? Thinking of staying in a tiny cabin? It’s worth the experience in my opinion, if you’ve never done it before.

Love & Light*

Tati ❀

Unplugged | Getaway House

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but it feels great to be writing again!

This time, I’m diving into a personal experience that my girlfriend (and our puppy Lucky) shared at the Getaway House in the Catskills, NY. It was Ah-MAY-Zing, okay! Amazing.

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to experience a TRUE tiny cabin experience. In the woods, surrounded by nature, no distractions, just us! It was absolutely magical. I had been researching the Getaway House for about a year prior to us actually making it out there, so when Sarina’s 32nd birthday was approaching, I thought this would be a great way to spend it! She loved it, and I’m so happy, because that’s all I wanted, was for her to enjoy the experience.

We stayed in our tiny cabin for 2 nights, 3 days. If you’re considering booking a trip, here’s the step-by-step breakdown of what to expect (below). First thing’s first, I definitely recommend checking out the site thoroughly to review their FAQs and packing list so that you are prepared. Browse the site for locations you might be interested in traveling to, and book your experience (it’s pretty straightforward once you visit the site).

Also, honey you’ve GOTTA love nature, because you’re basically tucked in a cute and cozy pocket nestled deep within the woods (most likely, depending on your location site, and it is very dark and quiet at night, so be prepared and enjoy it πŸ™‚

So What Happens If I Book My Trip?

  1. You get an email which is basically your invoice and summary of trip
  2. The Resources For Your Stay can also be found within your email confirmation (this includes details around provisions, what you can find near your outpost, and ultimately what to expect/what to pack, etc.)
  3. Final Notification 1: A few days before your trip, you should receive another email that provides your Cabin Name, Exact Location of Getaway Site for GPS, and Road Location. You can download your OutPost Map (which is helpful if you lose service, and that’s quite alright πŸ˜‰ You also get your key code which locks your cabin door. Safe & Secure.
  4. Final Notification 2: On the Day Of Your Trip you’ll get a friendly check-in time reminder text message from on of the getaway site reps. This is basically a reminder of things you should already know if you read the emails. (They let you know when the cabin will be prepared for you to check-in. They also remind you of all of the careful and cautious measures they’re taking to ensure your cabin is clean and sanitized thoroughly as it’s being prepared)
  5. Get There & Enjoy Yo Self – Dassit (Go in on that Smores Kit, sis!)
  6. Final Notification 3: You get another text reminder regarding check-out time. Just head back home after that

One of my sorority sisters reached out, and asked if I thought it was really worth it, and I told her yes! It’s really intimate, and relaxing. Nature is one of my favorite attractions, so this hit the spot, since I’ve basically been inside of my apartment working, since March and haven’t really traveled the way I’ve really want to. With the cellphone lock box in your room, there’s little to no communication with others (unless you want there to be), and the beautiful site you will see through that large window when the sun rises, is everything honestly.

So yes, I would highly recommend, if I haven’t already said that multiple times in my vlog review lol. Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to ask me more questions about the getaway house experience. It will be different in every location, my experience took place in upstate NY and I enjoyed it very much. I’m also very interested in doing more staycation-type, interesting (limited contact) getaway experiences, so if anyone has recommendations, please do share!

Thanks for coming this far down on my post, and checking out my little writeup on the weekend my widdle family and I spent glamping in a tiny cabin. It was truly magical, word to my muddy boots.

Spend some time relaxing at some point if you can. It’s so important to unravel the tension and unwind. If you can’t be present in stillness, getaway and see if that helps. I felt rejuvenated.

Love & light

Tati ❀

Vacation Is Officially Canceled

Inspo: @artbyalyah

I chose this picture for this post, because I feel like this is an EXACT depiction of me and my girlfriend in the summer time (just not this summer, unfortunately). It is Memorial Day Weekend, but it really does not feel like it at all, and for the first time in all of my May-s, it feels strange. This is probably really odd to me, because my birthday is this month, and always falls around MDW. I’m used to people throwing BBQs (or ‘cookouts’ whatever’s clever), making plans to fly out somewhere, or meeting up with friends over by the pool to have a chill kickback this weekend, but it is so QUIET lol. I almost feel like everyone is just browsing instagram right now, because it’s been raining all day since last night, and the weather is a bit gloomy.

My girlfriend and I booked a cruise to Bonaire, Turks & Caicos, Puerto Rico, and a few other beautiful places, but of course due to COVID, it is now canceled. We were waiting on this official notice to come through from Royal Caribbean, because we wanted to know which options we had available to us. We have the option to “Lift & Shift” (Royal Caribbean will find a similar cruise and roll everything over to that reservation later on in the year up to 2022) – OR – a Future Cruise Credit (meaning we can just go ahead and take a 125% credit for a future cruise up to 2022 and can select the new destination). We haven’t decided which route we’re going to take yet, but I think we’re leaning more towards the future cruise credit.

Anyways, it’s raining, and I’m about to kick of this rainy MDW with my girlfriend. She’s about to get off of work, and we will have the weekend to decide how we will entertain ourselves for the next few days lol. I’m thinking we’ll relax tonight/tomorrow morning, do some more apartment hunt planning, and maybe cook something we like while binging something new on TV (there are SO many new titles on Netflix, I plan to write a post on title recommendations too for those who have run out of things to watch). Of course Self Care is on the menu for this weekend, as it should be.

If you’ve happened to pass by, thanks for coming through!

Love & Light*

Stay Dry, Stay Safe, & Enjoy the weekend πŸ™‚


Fairy Houses Exist!

They really do, I saw them with my own eyes, and I have pictures to prove it. This Sunday has been nothing short of amazing. It started off with me craving a refresher from Starbucks, so we stopped by there and picked up some breakfast. I had originally wanted to just have a seat in the park and soak up some sun on the grass. Something light, chill and then head back home to continue ‘sunday-ing’. Instead, we actually wound up meeting up with my girlfriend’s friend, nearby at the park (South Mountain reservation located near Millburn, NJ) and we decided to go down the fairy trail.

We entered in through the parking lot and it was a bit full (it low key looked like there was a festival going on somewhere), but we were able to find a space pretty quickly. There are many trails and entrances to the park, so people were able to keep a safe distance (mostly everyone was wearing a mask and those who didn’t wear one, would carefully move away to practice social distancing). The mountain we were hiking on was pretty big, and steep.. As I mentioned I was NOT prepared for a full hiking experience, although I love to hike with my girlfriend! In this instance I had to just do what I had to do, because we were already in route, and it was what it was.

We wandered through trails, and it was just the most beautiful and tranquil experience. Perfect for a Sunday morning/afternoon, the weather was also pleasant, so I felt it would be great to share what I got to experience today, for all of the nature lovers out there. ..and the FAIRY HOUSES! (Pictures Below)

Normally, people will work on the little homes themselves, and will usually drop off the finished creation over in the woods within little nooks on the trail that are suitable for the houses. Some folks also use what is available in the woods (twigs, stones, etc.) to develop more of a natural looking habitat for the tinkerbells in the area. My girlfriend and her friend built one, they did a great job on it too. I wanted to help, but I couldn’t climb up that steep hill to build it girl… I would’ve slid down with the sneakers I wore, and that would’ve been tragic.

Any ways, I had a very relaxing day, a relaxing week off, and a beautiful weekend. I’m feeling balanced, and ready to head into the new week with massive amounts of determination and positive energy. I’m going to remind myself of all of the beautiful things that nature and stillness has taught me, during this moment I’ve had over the last week, *to recenter when needed. Clean slate and ready for the work week.

Sunday Reflection: I am grateful for a new day, a new opportunity to experience life… My good health, my parents, their good health (as well as my entire family). My partner, and her good health (as well as her family). I am thankful for the genuine connections I have with great friends, and the ability to still communicate with them during this nutty time in the world. I am so thankful for my job, and the ability to continue to work, and enjoy what I do (I am SO very grateful for that). All of the good things, all of the blessings, I am grateful for it ALL.

Next Week’s Goal: Operation Apartment Hunt

Cheers to a good week!

Love & Light*